Recycling Paper Packaging—What Consumers Want

Consumers favor paper packaging

Recycling Paper Packaging—A Spicy Topic

When it comes to paper packaging, recycling and environmental sustainability are key features. This means there’s a lot of information on recycling and its benefits for consumers to access online. While this availability of information gives consumers greater visibility to the benefits of recycling, it may also overwhelm people in the process. In fact, the rise in well-informed consumers has led to confusion and uncertainty, creating barriers to participation. During the last year, the “hot” topic of the recycling economy has become a top priority. Eighty percent of the 25 largest Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies are making commitments to have fully recyclable or compostable packaging by 2030.1 This has brand owners re-imagining paper for packaging, but how does paper packaging align with consumer attitudes and action?

Consumers Value Brands in Paper Packaging

A national study completed in 2018 by IPSOS on behalf of The Paper and Packaging Board, shows paper is the favorite for consumer goods. Seventy-one percent responded that they were more likely to buy brands packaged in paper or cardboard. Seven out of 10 Americans reported feeling confident that perishable food is safer when packaged in paper.2 Additionally, 63 percent of consumers noted that paper and cardboard packaging indicates higher quality or a premium level.2

Overall, packaging design contributes greatly to these preferences, with respondents agreeing that paper packaging can be innovating.2 Sustainable and renewable paper resources provide packaging designers many options to create safe, durable and economical packaging. Also, paper from sustainable and renewable resources, can showcase designs with paper recycling badges that resonate with consumers. In a 2018 IPSOS national study, designers who added recognizable logos such as the Forest Sustainable Council (FSC) logo and Corrugated & Food Paper Shipping Sacks Recycle logo, increased package value. Fifty-seven percent of consumers purposefully engage with brands who are environmentally-conscious.3 In fact, eight out of 10 Americans agree that paper and cardboard packaging is less wasteful than other packaging.2

Recycling Paper Packaging—Easier Than You Think

When recycling paper packaging, unlined paper sacks containing food ingredients and food manufacturing products are the easiest. These sacks do not have plastic film linings or contain residues when shaken clean. Langston Companies offers FSC-certified paper harvested from Forest Certified sources. This allows customers to incorporate the FSC logo into the design, indicating the package is made responsibly. Additionally, food ingredient bags without plastic liners can add the Corrugated & Food Paper Shipping Sacks Recycle logo. This verifies that the package is part of the Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) recycle stream, which is among the very best for packaging recycling.

Food Safety

When considering food safety, Langston Companies is certified by AIB International and purchases Kraft paper in adherence to the Rule 40 Freight Shipping Bag certification. This is especially important for companies packaging food ingredients. It guarantees peace of mind that the kraft paper used complies to a shipping bag-defined standard.

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