Styles & Capacities

Langston unlike other companies, is vertically integrated to produce intermediate bulk containers. Let’s get started with your options.

Managing Quality From The Beginning...

Langston begins its production process with virgin resin pellets and continues through the extrusion annealing and tape stretching to produce consistent, high tensile strength, and elongation quality-controlled tapes ready for weaving.  Of which the weaving and extrusion lamination processes create the fabric used to convert into a finished FIBC container. Our bulk bags meet FDA specifications for food grade and pharmaceutical products.

BAG Styles

Duffle Top solid bottom

Open Top

Ideal for in-plant movement of product, can be stored inside only. Typically filled by a conveyor or auger.

U-Panel, Duffle, Spout with Bonnet FIBC

Duffle Top/Spout Bottom

Allows the full dimensions of the bag to be available for filling by conveyor or auger, while still being protected from the elements when closed. 

U-Panel, Spout bonnet, Spout Bonnet FIBC

Spout Top/Spout Bottom

Best for a controlled fill application by a discharge system. This is often used when dusting or product integrity is a concern.

U-Panel, Spout, Solid FIBC

Spout Top/Solid Bottom

Generally used as a one-way storage bag. Bottom is cut to allow product to flow freely.

U-Panel, Spout bonnet, Spout with X-Cut FIBC

Spout With X-Cut

A spout with an x-cut is a protective cover option. It protects the spout from contamination and accidental discharge. It also helps in product flow restriction. A bonnet cover is a different style that offers the same protection.

Full Bottom Discharge

Full Bottom Discharge

For rapid, unrestricted, full discharge of product. Can be used with the open top, duffle top, or spout top filling options.

Palletless Bulk Bag

Palletless Option

Maneuvers just like a bulk bag on a pallet. Accommodating any top or discharge spout, a poly-woven sleeve with durable cores underneath, gives the needed stability for a forklift to transport this palletless bulk bag. 

sizes & capacities

shutterstock_363241937Wht Bulk Bag with L

29 X 29

Designed for high bulk density weight products that can use smaller bags or for smaller weight capacities. These can be transported three across in rail or truck shipments.

35 X 35

The standard size for inter-modal capabilities, it is used both for domestic truck shipments and export containerization.

Fits on most 40″ x 48″ pallets.

35 X 41

Comparable to the 35″ x 35″ because of its inter-modal capabilities, this size is often used in height restriction applications. It also can be used for both domestic and containerized shipments. 

Fits on most 40″ x 48″ pallets.

41 X 41

This over- size dimension is excellent for height restriction applications and where the bulk density weight of the product is very low. Can ship two across in rail shipments but not in truck shipments.

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