Pinch Bottom Open Mouth

A perfect solution for businesses in food, feed, pharma, seed, mineral, and chemical, this bag also works great in a retail setting!”

Pinch bottom open mouth (PBOM) bag applications are well known for commodities like seasonings, baking mixes, animal feed, calcium and protein. This bag style has a factory hot melt pinch seal closure to secure the bottom leaving the top for the customer to either sew or seal with a Pinch Bag Closer. 

Accommodating product density, PBOM packaging can be formed with and without a gusset. This is a popular, cost-effective bag for retail appeal as the stable bottom wraps around, extending the brand message from the face to the bottom.

Available Features

  • Airtight, sift proof when top and bottom ends are closed with heat-sealed closure
  • Scored for flat bottom, a unique capability
  • Easy open hybrid- with crepe pull and thread or pull string
  • Including a heat-sealed inner ply liner secures the content from moisture, increases shelf life and supports palatability and aroma freshness
  • Porosity block
  • Anti-slip
  • Open end flexibility with the choice of a stepped-end, pre-applied hot melt or flush cut
  • Over-all perforations available on any ply
  • Rainbow selection of colors to choose from for crepe, pull tape and thread

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 1-110 lbs.
  • Closure: Heat sealed or sewn
  • Gusset: 2-8 inches
  • Face: 9-23 inches
  • Tube Length: 20-50 inches
  • Construction: Up to 3 multi-wall plus the option of a poly liner

Converting solutions
into bags

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