Self Opening Sack (SOS)

Built similarly to a paper grocery sack, but with a wide range of strength and performance attributes because of its single or multi-wall design, self opening sacks are a great choice for many applications.

Smaller bags are excellent for food products like flour, meals, grits, salt and sugar. Larger bags are perfectly suited for charcoal and retail packaging applications.

The square flat-bottom, gusseted bags are commonly used as a baler bag for the storage and distribution of many smaller bags. The multi-ply construction reinforces standing up straight and being used to dispense products over time.

Once filled, top closure may be completed by sewn, glued, stapled, wire tying or sealing with gummed or pressure sensitive tape.

Available Features

  • Printable flat bottom wrapping the brand message from the face to the bottom of the package
  • Factory made square bottom
  • Hand inserted liner
  • Slits or thumb notch
  • Anti-slip
  • Porosity block
  • Over-all perforations available on any ply

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 1-100 lbs.
  • Closure: Glued
  • Face: 3.25-18 inches
  • Bottom: 2.5-12 inches
  • Tube: 10.25-44 inches
  • Construction: Up to 3 multi-wall plus the option of a poly liner, lamination and hot-melt

Converting solutions
into bags

The foundation of every product begins with a durable bag.