Multiwall Bags

Our multiwall bags are the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of products, because they can be customized to work specifically with your product.  
Paper substrates and air ventilation options are available to accommodate an array of commodities demanding superior packaging. 
Because our goal is to make sure your inventory is always at 100%, we strive to meet demand through three separate manufacturing locations dedicated to our multiwall products.

The foundation of every product begins with a durable package.

Multiwall paper sacks, are generally used to hold materials such as fertilizer, animal feed, dry chemicals, flour or cement for industrial or consumer-facing markets. These bags are created using Kraft paper for its stretch properties and strength obtained from the long fibers in wood pulp. The most popular selection of paper for multiwall bags consist of: Bleached Kraft, Natural Kraft, Wet Strength Kraft, Grease Proof, Ribbed Kraft, Air Flow/Velocity Paper, Clay Coated-Bleach Kraft and Extensible Kraft.

Sewn closed on one end with an open mouth for filling, this tried and true bag style is a mainstay package choice for granular or large-particle products.  Find out more. 

With two folded and tightly sealed ends, pinch bottom bags are ideal for keeping content dry or moist depending on the overall product goals. Find out more. 

Pasted open mouth bags primarily serve as a master container. Find out more. 

Commonly identified with cement, seed and food, this bag style is the most popular worldwide. They are well-suited for a variety of applications from building to food products.  A complete range of sizes and valve types are available with options to include easy open feature, sonic seal sleeve, special valve closures, under valve perforations and anti-slip.  Find out more. 

Built similarly to a paper grocery sack, but with a wide range of strength and performance attributes because of the multi-wall design, self opening sacks are a great choice for many applications. The simplicity of closing options for this style makes it an easy solution for many brands from ice cream salt to charcoal. Find out more. 

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