Pasted Valve

While a standard packaging option for cement, seed and food, these bags are used worldwide more than any other bag style.

Today, pasted valve bags are highly associated with building products. They are the most popular bag for transporting food ingredients, seeds, minerals, fertilizers and other chemicals.

Pasted valve bags are durable and dependable, with plies cut-off in a stepped-end configuration or flush cut, then folded and sealed with a strong adhesive and/or a patch bottom while making their way through the factory tuber and bottomer. Pre-formed with a valve sleeve or fill-spout built into any corner, allows timely bag placement and filling with the valve packer.

A variety of fill spouts are available to meet your product and equipment requirements. With the recent addition of the latest tuber and bottomer technology, we have a solution for every product regardless of using an air, auger, impeller or gravity-fed valve filling equipment.

Available Features

  • Closure flexibility with stepped-end or flush cut with a patch
  • Self-sealing
  • Over-all perforations available on any ply
  • Variety of under valve perforations
  • Porosity block
  • Sift resistant
  • Anti-slip

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 5-110 lbs.
  • Min/Max Face: 7.25-23.5 inches
  • Min/Max Length: 10-46 inches
  • Top/Bottom: 3-7 inches
  • Construction: Up to 4 multi-wall plus the option of a poly liner
  • Valve options: poly lock, tuck-in, thermo, tubular, performed tubular, PE extension and tubular PE extension
  • Under value perf capabilities up to 16 pin rows
  • Variable ventilation hole sizes, numbers and positions

Converting solutions
into bags

The foundation of every product begins with a durable bag.