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Cotton Bale Packaging

Langston Companies, Inc. is a staple of the cotton industry and remains committed to the continuation of U.S. cotton manufacturing. Over the years, Langston has established trustworthy relationships with supporting the national, state and local Cotton Associations. Our relationships are cultivated sincerely as we work side by side with our gin customers in the field through harvest.

The cotton packaging designed and manufactured by our team, provides the most protective covering available in the market. With the bags being made in our facilities, the quality is controlled from the start with the selection of superior materials that provide effective and economical protection for your ginned cotton.

Often, other packaging options are necessary in the harvesting and manufacturing of cotton. When the need arises for bulk bags or paper sacks, please remember we can meet all your packaging needs.

The Autobag System

Auto baggger

Innovated as an all-inclusive machine to handle everything a gin needs to bag cotton. Unlike other systems, the Langston Autobagger produces USDA samples, closes the bag and labels, proving to increase gin efficiencies.

  • Fully automatic from sampling to closure
  • The 1st bagger on the market that easily converts from polypropylene to polyethylene
  • Pulls 2 USDA samples
  • Envelope style heat closure on head of the bale
  • Flexible terms that will work for your operation

Module Covers

With nearly 50 years of cotton packaging experience, we are a leader in the production of superior cotton module covers made right here in the U.S. and our facility in Monterrey.

Our covers feature a one-piece seamless top fabric with high UV-resistance. The result of our high expectations, is quality construction that allows for maximum use year after year. Need a specific size, ring placement or special rope – we can customize module covers to fit your requirements.

Bale Covers

Cotton bale packaging

Every bale should be covered. Our bale covers are uniquely designed to protect your cotton investment from harvest to market. Made in our facilities, the quality is unmatched.

Options include:

  • U.S.D.A. PE Polyethylene clear bags
  • U.S.D.A. Woven Polypropylene white bags
  • Available in white and gold

Bale Ties

wire ties

Our high-carbon steel Vector™ quick link wire bale ties are snag resistant and meet uniform UD specifications and reduce failures helping to save you labor costs. We offer Jenglo and mote wire ties, along with PET strapping.

Additionally, we invented the Hergo™ bale tying system which provides automation of bale tying at the cotton gin. 


Gin Mark

Gin Mark™ is your best choice for module marking. The colorant mixture will identify your cotton from all others. Gin Mark™ will not permanently adhere to the cotton fibers and is removable during the normal scouring and bleaching process. Gin Mark™ is formulated to hold up through weather conditions.

We also offer:
  • All lengths and styles of mote wire, single loop, quick link and auto tie wire
  • PBI bale tags, PE and paper sample bags
  • Linter cloth
  • And other products used in the field and at the gin