Product Quality and Service Level Dynamics

Product Review
Engaging from the heart of the business

Engaging from the heart of the business will make for happier customers. With happier customers your business will thrive. The heart of every business is its employees. Product quality and service level dynamics are impacted by engaged employees. According to a Gallup study, business units with engaging employees are 17% more productive.

Employees and Managers Matter

Employers with the highest employee engagement ratio are those with managers who invest time developing employee strengths. As the strengths align to the position, the employee excels. This coaching process is candidly respectful that brings out the best in the individual. With this, attitudes are positively bolstered. Employee attitudes are contagious and have a lasting impression on a company. According to the tenure curve, employee engagement is the highest in the first two years. Next, the engagement percent rose again with 15 plus years of employment.

Making a difference

Having more engaged employees will increase the impact on the quality of products and level of service customers receive. Speaking of making a difference, at Langston Companies 30% of the teammates have been with the company for over 15 years. This should not come as a surprise knowing if people enjoy what they are doing, their spirits, attitude and output is greater.

Key Takeaways

Beyond doubt, emotion contributes to engagement. Mostly, engagement is the result of an attitude. An attitude that rises above and advocates for the company, its products, services and people who genuinely care enough to be concerned with the best interest of others. At Langston Companies, we care about what you care about.