Ply Reduction that Piles on the Benefits

2 Ply Kraft Paper Piles the Benefits

Did you know for multiwall pasted valve bags, specific two-ply paper will often deliver a superior value to a three-ply configuration? For durability and perhaps standard protocol, companies often package products like cement, minerals, chemicals and food products into robust, three ply bags. This proven package is functionally adequate, but the most advanced, high strength papers can provide comparable strength with only 2 plies.

This innovation can certainly reduce the bag cost, but there are still more sustainability benefits and indirect savings to consider. A high-performance package containing 20-35% less paper by weight can be palletized in higher per-pallet quantities, which yields substantial gains in shipping and storage efficiency. From a sustainability perspective, this means less paper fiber goes to the landfill in the form of emptied bags and less fossil fuel is consumed.  

One reason these lighter weight 2 ply bags have had limited market penetration, it takes special bag-making equipment to process the stronger but less rigid papers. At Langston, we have this capability and know-how to offer efficient, eco-friendly and economical solutions. Paper of this DNA provides the many benefits cited above and with the added capability of using special, high-porous paper, fast-filling can be achieved without perforations, which promotes less dust during packing and a cleaner package for the end user. Amplifying this with our in-line metal detection, GFSI recognized FSSC 22000 certification pending early 2020, and attractive lead times- we think we’ve got something very enticing to offer.  

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Ply Reduction Is Possible Without Compromising Bag Construction

Answer Why 2 Ply Kraft Paper

Did you know in certain instances, multiwall pasted valve bags made with specific two-ply paper will yield a better outcome? The key word is “specific” two-ply paper. Available in the paper market are innovative two-ply multiwall sack construction papers with high strength and low weight, that when packed and stacked counter punctures and burst. Moreover, advanced lightweight, high-strength, breathable papers contribute to low dust filling and cleaner storage areas which benefit environmental conditions.

While it takes special equipment to convert high performance extensible paper with high air permeability into bags, rest assured Langston has this capability. In many cases with specially selected porous paper, perforations are unnecessary. Paper of this caliber is made for the most demanding automated valve bag packing systems.

Having the latest technology offered, a wider range of valve selections are obtainable. During our consulting process when it’s advantageous to introduce a new solution, you can count on us to offer alternatives that will contribute to improved sealing and your overall packaging goals.

What’s more, food safety further enhanced by our in-line metal detection and GFSI recognized FSSC 22000 certification pending early 2020, with the best lead-times in the industry.

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